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Cala Mariolu by land
Golgo plateau
Cala Mariolu, Goloritzè, Biriala and Sisine can be reached by land from the Golgo plateau with routes of varying difficulty. In general, the itineraries are passable by anyone with a good trekking experience. The Golgo plateau is a basaltic expanse of several hectares surrounded by limestone. It is characterized by the presence of numerous natural and archaeological monuments and its beauty is emphasized by the unique panoramas that range over the sea from the Gulf of Orosei to that of Arbatax. To the west you can admire the peaks of the Gennargentu and the Supramonte mountain range. The walk to Cala Mariolu can be integrated with a visit to the chasm of "Su Sterru" or to the Nuraghe Orgoduri.
Can we tackle trekking with children or elderly people?
The answer to this question is subjective but in general it is no, it is not possible. Some exposed passages and the irregularity of the ground do not allow an easy walk.
Il segnale del cellulare è presente?
Most of the route is not covered with the main telephone operators. Tim and Vodafone take about 60% of the route.
We have no trekking experience, can we do it anyway?
The routes of the marine supramonte are old carts of shepherds and charcoal burners. The beauty of these areas is proportional to the harshness of the paths that allow you to reach real corners of paradise. However they are not really suitable for everyone. In addition to having experience, a good physical preparation is required for most of the routes.
We would like to return by boat once we reach Cala Mariolu. It's possible?
It is possible for those who do not want to take the route backwards, contact one of the companies that provide logistic assistance for hikers. It is advisable to contact them the day before departure to make sure that the sea conditions allow the return by sea. Usually the ground shuttle service is also offered in the package to retrieve the cars from Golgo plateau.
Route to Cala Mariolu
  • Total distance: 6,5 km
  • Total height difference: 660 m.
  • Difficulty: EE
  • Signpost presence: Stamps and red marks along the way
  • Recommended clothing: Technical mountain footwear
  • Recommended period: All year round (In July - August, in addition to the heat which can be felt in unshaded stretches, the beach will be crowded so it is better to reach it soon)

Step-by-step route

1 - Direction - Church of San Pietro - Golgo
From the town of Baunei deviate from the s.s.125 following the signs for San Pietro al Golgo. Continue to the church for 7 km.
2 - Car parking
Pass the crossroads for the church (the road is unpaved) and the one for the Nuraghe Orgoduri. Then turn right towards Ispuligideniè (there is a wooden sign) continuing on a stony ground up to an obvious clearing with sheepfold on the right. Park the car.
3 - At the peak of "Serra and Lattone"
Once the car is parked the journey begins on foot. The first part is very easy and after about 15 minutes of walking you will reach the place marked on the charts as "Piredda". Take the small path on the right and follow it for about 5 minutes towards the NE. Go past a large centuries-old holm oak at an altitude of 410, turning right following the arrow indicated on a white stone. You will find a well for collecting water that you will have to leave on the right. Continuing, the increasingly steep climb will take you to the "Cuiles de S'Arcu and to Tasaru". Go past the sheepfolds between the first two huts in a northerly direction. You will reach 560 m on a slight slope. on the side of Serra 'e Lattone (maximum altitude -588 m.). The route has recently been rescheduled and you should have no difficulty in this stretch by following the red paint on the rocks. Pay attention to the younger limestone rocks that are quite sharp.
4 - the steep descent
We begin to descend gently, then we enter the most difficult part of the excursion. The view is breathtaking and ranges between the sea and the very high limestone walls. You will find staircases in juniper recently put in safety that allow you to pass three jumps. We recommend caution in this section as there are some points exposed. Follow the steep stone slab that leads you to the entrance to the woods until you join the path with the numerous zig zags that allow you to soften the steep slope that will lead you to Punta Ispuligi.